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Northville wholesales a variety of refined petroleum products, including #02 heating oil, gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. The company is deeply committed to marketing renewable fuels for a variety of reasons:

  • They reduce our dependence on foreign oil and the geo-political complications that can arise therefrom.
  • They reduce our balance of payments deficit.
  • They burn cleaner and reduce harmful emissions.
  • They support American farmers.
  • They create domestic jobs.

  • Heating Oil

    Since 2008 Northville has been selling B5 #02 heating oil, comprised of 5% biofuel and 95% traditional heating oil. In New York, consumers can claim a $.01/gallon tax credit for every 1% of bio fuel, or in this case $.05 per gallon purchased.

    *** Northville's offers heating oil with up to 20% biodiesel ***
    For more Information on biofuels click here

  • Northville Premium Diesel

    As of Fall 2011 Northville is also selling a B5 premium detergent enriched diesel fuel. In addition to the B5 our diesel has the following features and benefits:

    · Meets industry requirements for CUMMINS L-10 diesel injector cleanliness
    · Maintains injector spray pattern
    · Keeps injectors clean
    · Helps maintain peak engine performance

    · Lowers LTFT Cold Flow Results
    · Lowers fuel pour point and CFPP
    · Increases fuel flow through filters
    · Reduces waxing and gelling

    · Can increase service life of sensitive fuel system components
    · Improves performance on HFRR

    · Minimizes fuel contamination with corrosion by-products
    · Protects fuel system components
    · Reduces maintenance costs

    · Inhibits the formation of filter plugging gums and residue
    · Reduces maintenance costs
    · Helps maintain injector cleanliness

    · Prevents some of the water related problems that can occur in diesel fuel
  • Gasoline

    In addition to mandated E10 gasoline, Northville is proud to be one of the few companies in the area offering Ethanol Flex Fuel. This gasoline is composed of 85% ethanol—made from renewable agricultural products—and 15% traditional gasoline, dramatically reducing our demand for petroleum while simultaneously reducing tail pipe emissions.

    According to the Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition 2011 Annual Report, Northville’s sale of Ethanol Flex Fuel displaced 2,174,111 gallons of gasoline equivalent, reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 5,435.5 tons. This represents the largest reduction of GHG on Long Island of any privately held company in the report.

  • Kerosene

    This Product meets Colonial Pipeline #55 grade -Low sulphur which will soon be changing to Colonial Pipeline # 61 grade - Ultra low sulphur. The quality is pristine and used in space heating for homes as well as co-gen turbines to produce electricity for Long Island.